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  1. Technical & Business Recruitment

    From entry-level to C-level everyone matters! Connectalents helps businesses find the right talent that fits them the best. Our talent acquisition process is refined and our dedicated teams of experts focus deeply on understanding your company's needs and core values taking a proactive approach to connect you to the top matching candidates based on their experience and career ambitions, making this match a win-win for you and them.

  2. Executive Search (Head Hunting)

    Every successful company starts with great leaders to take it to the top. If you are looking for C-level executives or GURUs that can change the game from the day they come on board, we will find them for you. Using a top-notch market-leading assessment solution, we get you connected to the market's legends.

  3. Offshore Outsourcing

    For multiple reasons, from cost reduction to more focus on your business goals, relocating one particular function or a part of your operations team to a cost-effective location without compromising in their desired outcome is the right decision. Based in Egypt, where thousands of professionals are looking for their talents to be realized by top employers across the world, connectalents will help you get rid of the hassles & have your team outsourced by a reliable partner. from hiring to day-to-day management, we got you covered no matter where you are.

  4. Human Capital Outsourcing Services

    We offer human capital outsourcing solutions that can help businesses manage their workforce more effectively. Our services include payroll management, employee benefits management, compliance management, and more.

  5. Job Posting

    We provide a platform for employers to post their job openings and connect with potential candidates. We ensure that your job postings get maximum visibility and reach the right candidates.

  6. Other Human capital management solutions

    We offer a range of other HR solutions.Whether your company is a big one or a startups our tailored solutions will fit you. Our services include HR consulting, Human resources function outsourcing, talent management, performance management, and more.

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